Saucs Beta Api

by Nicolas Crocfer

Saucs Beta Api

Many of you highlighted the advantage of Saucs to easily subscribe on products and receive their vulnerabilities. But you also mentioned the need of automation : this is now fixed with the release of the Saucs API.

As devops, we know the importance of automate tasks in our day to day work, and it’s why we want to provide you the most helpful API to search products vulnerabilities.

All the information (including authentication, pagination, rate limits and of course the different endpoints) is available at the following url :

Please note this is a first version : some features are missing and new calls will be added in the next versions. For example all the current calls are read-only, and we only provide the Basic authentication mechanism from now.

So why do we open now a Beta API ? To collect your feedbacks and adjust our roadmap depending on your need. Of course we already work to integrate mandatory features (OAuth/tokens authentication, products and vendors subscriptions…), but specific needs like custom filters will be prioritize according to your needs.

Feel free to give us your comments on twitter.