New feature : the reports

by Nicolas Crocfer

New feature : the reports

We are pleased to announce a new feature on Saucs : the reports system. From now on, we send an email with the Top 10 alerts corresponding to your subscriptions, ordered by the CVSS score. Then you can open the report page to view all the alerts and display their changes (containing the old and the new values).

Why ?

We started 1 month ago, and the success was immediate : more than 500 registrations in less than a week ! We also received feedbacks from our new users, especially the need of a reporting system.

Indeed, one of the benefits of Saucs is that you can subscribe to all the vendors and products you want, with no limit. It’s cool, but the CVE list changes continuously : so it’s possible, sometimes, to receive an email with several dozens or hundreds of alerts. It’s not practical, and quickly we tend to ignore the detail of the alerts.

Another example, the NVD had not updated their modified file last week during several days. After contacting them, they updated the file and our robots created the equivalent of 5 days of new events into 1 single shot. Some of our users have received hundreds of alerts in one email.

How does it work ?

When you receive an email, you can view the 10 most important alerts and click on a link to open the report page. This report displays the alerts by vendors or products, ordered by the CVSS score of their CVE.

The report also displays the changes in each alerts. In Saucs, an Alert is composed of Events. An event is something that has changed on a CVE : for example the summary may have changed, as did the CVSS score, or even a new reference may have been added.

Now the reports provide you an interface to view these events.

Finally, we think a report could be useful for you but also for others people, like your team or your colleagues. So we have added a “Share it” button, you can use it to copy the report public link and share it to whom you wish.

And next ?

The next step is to work on the alerts filters. Maybe you don’t want to receive an alert when a reference has changed, but just when a new CPE has been added. In the same way, you may be interested to be alerted just when the CVSS score is greater than a customized value.

If you have suggestions of filters in mind (or some other feedbacks), do not hesitate to contact us.