Filter Cve by Cvss Score

Since the launch of Saucs 7 months ago, our robots have detected 200 000 events (an event is a change in a CVE), and 3 000 000 alerts have been created (an alert is the association between a user and an event). Not to spam you every day with a lot of emails containing an alert each time, we group it in a single report : If you have subscribed to many vendors and products, you can receive a report containing a lot of events. [Read More]

Saucs Beta Api

Many of you highlighted the advantage of Saucs to easily subscribe on products and receive their vulnerabilities. But you also mentioned the need of automation : this is now fixed with the release of the Saucs API.

As devops, we know the importance of automate tasks in our day to day work, and it’s why we want to provide you the most helpful API to search products vulnerabilities.

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Filter your CVE reports

The main use of Saucs is to notify you when a CVE is updated. From now you can customize the filters that are run before creating your reports : this new feature allows you to receive alerts that really interest you. Another new feature is the notification frequency : you can choose to receive an email once a day or as soon as a CVE is updated.

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Infra Starter Kit

From the first idea to the current platform, we have created a MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) that is running and fit perfectly our needs. At the beginning, we used it for our own usage and internal tests, then we started to build the infrastructure to host our first version. Finally we have associated different blocks to be able to launch and open to everyone. We have now what we could call the minimal infrastructure kit. [Read More]

New feature : the reports

We are pleased to announce a new feature on Saucs : the reports system. From now on, we send an email with the Top 10 alerts corresponding to your subscriptions, ordered by the CVSS score. Then you can open the report page to view all the alerts and display their changes (containing the old and the new values). Report details Report email [Read More]

Hello Cve

What is Saucs ? is a platform dedicated to the IT security, using the well-known standards of vulnerabilities management (CVE, CPE, CWE, CVSS). Vendor CVE list CVE details Email sent The operation is simple : you subscribe in 1 click on a vendor (or one of its products), and you receive an alert as soon as we detect a new CVE or an update on it. [Read More]